Fun Facts About Vans Sneakers

Vans sneakers have been around since 1967. The first shoe shop opened in Anaheim, California and instantly become a customer-favorite. The shoes were lightweight and carefree, made the same day as the customer ordered them! The company has come a long way over the years, but what’s not changed is the popularity of the sneaker. Read below to learn these interesting and fun facts about Vans sneakers.

1.    Vans has a skateboard park in Huntington Beach, California. The skate park is loads of fun for all ages.

2.    Metallica, the rock band legends, have their own line of Vans sneakers for sale.

3.    Vans is one of the most popular brands of shoes worn by New Yorker’s! It is easy to shop for vans sneakers nyc in a retail location or online.

4.    Along with the skateboard shop, Vans had produced a couple of movies. Their first movie was called ‘No Room for Rockstars’ and was a documentary series.

5.    There is a Boston skate park owned by the Vans sneaker company. This skateboard opened in 2015.

6.    The US Surf Open in California has an official sponsor and if you guessed that that sponsor is Vans, you’d be correct.

7.    Paul Van Doren and Gordon C. Lee founded Vans. However, the two sold the company to McCown, De Leeuw, and Company for $74.4 million.

8.    For students who wish to attend Berkeley School of Music, Vans offers the chance to win a scholarship. The scholarship is known as the ‘Off the Wall’ scholarship.

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9.    Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, two famous skateboarders, designed the Era #95 Vans sneakers, which is the most popular show in the brand’s line.

Every closet deserves a pair of Vans in it so you can dress fresh and confidently no matter where you go. Make your way to the nearest Vans sneakers store to choose your favorite pair.